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Strata Real Estate

Each and every property unit or strata in real estate, in most cases have their own toilets, showers and sinks, and just like any community amenities, for instance swimming pools and garden sprinklers. If you own multiple properties, the costs might be higher. The plumbers Toowoomba team of experts have a wealth of experience in working with both strata and rental agencies. This is in order to give effective and efficient solutions to any issues that occupants or tenants may be faced with. We fully understand that when carrying out any plumbing services for occupants and tenants, different unique approaches are needed. Our technicians will adequately provide all sorts of plumbing services including simple maintenance, large-scale projects and everything in between.

We deliver clear communication to all parties to ensure that from start-to-finish, tenants, occupants and project management are kept informed and up-to-date. We are committed to making management’s job as easy as possible through our considerate approach to projects for our strata and real estate clients. Different issues may rise within any strata at whatever time of the day and you will need them fixed as soon as possible. It is essential so as to keep your property users fully satisfied and to reduce any possible expensive damages.

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  • Policies and Procedures

Plumbers Toowoomba fully know the importance of your current maintenance business processes. It is our pleasure to work within these procedures in order to make sure that your property’s operations are smoothly running. Moreover, we are also proud to demonstrate our devotion to general safety.

  • Communication 

Plumbers Toowoomba customer service experts are ever alert and effective in matters communication. We make sure that you are adequately aware of work that must be carried out as well as the reasons for doing it. That way, we always have an easy time to let you as our clients know whatever is really going on with your strata’s plumbing system.  

  • Tenants and Property Owners

Plumbing Toowoomba professionals will handle tenants and property owners well. This gives you an easy time to allow your property’s drainage system to be well installed, maintained and repaired without any inconveniences caused.

  • Flat Rate Prices and Outstanding Service

We offer a flat rate for all services. We are always sure to provide optimal and satisfactory services for your real estate needs.  Our plumbers Toowoomba technicians are very clean and equally professional. We are also quite respectful and very welcoming.  Our company’s dignity is remarkable as we provide you and all our customers with excellent strata plumbing services that we offer.

  • Expert evaluation

Plumbers Toowoomba contractors will offer professional property and strata management. This will include assessments to get to know where exactly the issues are through the use of latest technology for instance fiber optic drain camera and leak location inspections. Our technicians are highly qualified and are entirely devoted to carry out plumbing system installation as well as maintenance to the greatest standards needed.



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