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Pipework And Leaks

There are quite a number of different types of plumbing pipes for both the residential needs as well as commercial entity needs. The materials that we use for pipework and leaks services Toowoomba which are available in the market include;

  • Copper pipes

These pipes are possibly the most common plumbing piping currently because of their broad durability and dependability. These pipes will efficiently give you an excellent resistance to corrosion. It is therefore a suitable recommended for hot and chilled water. They equally have low maintenance needs. Even so, the very essential factors to have in mind before the use of copper pipes is that they will need to be welded together. The welding process may need supplementary fixtures. You cannot fix these pipes without the expertise and knowledge in cementing copper piping, which is why you will need our professional touch on this.

  • Galvanized piping

These pipes were commonly used a number of ages ago. Up to date, they are still regularly used in construction schemes. Nonetheless, over a long period of time, they have seldom been used as they are prone to corrosion related issues. Antiquated galvanized pipes will clearly show their signs of rusting as water leakages will evidently seep out from the rusted points. We use galvanized piping to transfer waste water which are non-potable

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  • Stainless steel pipes

This piping material always has a tidy and appealing appearance, although it is quite expensive. The pipes are majorly used in corrosion prone regions for instance at the coastal regions. These pipes are provided in both pliant and inflexible forms. On most occasions, they will require unique splices for connections. They can be easily confused for galvanized pipes. They are also manufactured in different dimensions.

  • Brass pipes

When looking for an ideal rust resistant pipe then brass is the catch. This type of piping offers a long-lasting service as it rarely corrodes. These plumbing piping in most cases have less complicated threading techniques compared to steel pipes. For this reason, they are an exceptional option for heated water and large delivery systems like pump fixtures. These pipes have a longer shelf life than most plumbing materials. They usually come in twelve-foot straight lengths.

  • Cast iron

This type of piping is usually made with perfect threading joints which makes it quite costly. They are normally weightier than most piping types. They are preferable for water delivery systems, or even in ground fixtures as the primary drainage pies. Their minimum sizes are usually large enough to be installed for residential use. These pipes are weighty that is why we always ensure that we can support it while assembling a joint during the site work.

  • PVC pipes

These plumbing tubing are best used for chilled and warm drinkable water and equally for sewerage entities. The PVC tubing have different densities as well as form and shape which are both dependent on the uses as well as the locations where it will be needed. For instance, the water tubes for pressure are not similar to the sewer tubes.




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