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Blocked Drains

Not letting your drains block is one of the best ways you can avoid and deal with your drainage issues as a property owner. Frequently flushing your drains with boiling water or with a mixture of baking soda, cream of tartar and salt can at some point help in keeping your drains unclogged. Nevertheless, at some point unintentionally, there might be a likelihood that blockages will find their way into your drains. In most cases, there will be situations in which you should be able to solve yourself. Extreme and persistent drain blockages can potentially result in pipe bursts, such cases will possibly need even more expensive repairs. When the situation gets out of hand, ask for blocked drain services from plumbing Toowoomba professionals. Some of the available options that our experts use to unclog blocked drains include;

  • Use of Water steam from hydro-jets

Plumbers Toowoomba experts will appropriately use a powerful stream of water through your pipes by the use of hydro-jets when need be. The created pressure that then forces the blockage across the pipes and out so that water can stream through smoothly as it was. We prefer this option as it is safer even though it might not be as effective against heavy solid blockages which might eventually need excavation option.

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  • Full Excavation

When the blocked drain case is severe, your pipes may need full excavation. Our team of plumbing Toowoomba technicians will extensively identify the exact location of the drain blockage. We carry this out so as to know which pipe exactly needs to be dug up. We dig out the earth around the pipe, then the technician will remove the blockage, repair or replace the pipe depending on the plumbing issues at hand. We then fill back the soil around the new or repaired pipe, returning your property’s original look.

  • Use of a Plunger

We use drain plungers to clear a blocked drain for sinks or even the blocked toilet problem. We ensure that all overflow spouts are covered before we begin the plunging process so as to get a firm and stable sealant. The back and forth pressure created by the drain plunger aids in loosening the blockages so your pipe can efficiently flow as usual. We often use the drain plunging for solid blockages. Nonetheless, on grease build-up and mineral deposits, it might not be an effective option.

  • Use of caustic chemical drain cleaners

For issues such as grease or food blockages, our drainage contractors Toowoomba might opt for the use of chemical cleaners as they are able to dissolve grease, food and other common blockages. Even so, these chemicals are not environmentally friendly and thus should be used in very little amounts. It is advisable as property owner not to carry out drain blockage option alone and instead contract plumbing Toowoomba experts as we are well equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment to carry out the job. Our drain blockage unclogging technicians will ensure to flush your pipes with clean water so as to get rid of any remaining chemicals within the pipes after the service is complete.


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